Living around Meath and Louth will help you benefit from our risk-free and friendly driving learning atmosphere. The Blanrue School of Motoring is found mainly in Navan.

Using a recognised system, approved by the Road Safety Authority, we can provide expert tuition to all levels of learner driver from the complete novice to the learner who has already gained some experience.

In any fields you prosper, its advantageous if you know how to drive your own car. That is why you should study driving and pass the licensing exam for drivers.

The car is the most heavily used means of transportation these days, learning how to drive one is very necessary. It could open new opportunities for you as you learn this new skill. All the mixed emotions that you will experience at first, the fear, tense will all be worth enjoying for along the way.

Your Driving Instructor

Only the best of the best driving instructors get to join the ranks of Blanrue School of Motoring. An average of 98% passing rate in the ADI Exams is one of the requirements that driving instructors must meet if they desire to become part of our highly professional team.

In addition to their credentials, we also check how well they could instruct students, and if they are knowledgeable about the routes used in the driving tests in their area.

Blanrue School of Motoring driving instructors are the best mentors the country has to offer. They are highly knowledgeable, patient, and friendly to every student. This is enough to ensure you that in no time, you can have your driving license at hand.

Although the training center is based in Navan, all driving students from across the country may avail the driving sessions offered by Blanrue School of Motoring. Even when you’re living in the outskirts of the country, you can still get our driving lessons Navan. We are passionate about providing the best Driving Lessons Navan. Choosing our driving lessons Navan is the ideal course of action if you wish to get the best. The Driving Lesson Navan provided by Blanrue School of Motoring is ideal for you.

Our pupils became more confident and competent before they take the actual driving test because of our specialist pretests. Almost all of our students passed on their first attempt because the pretest lessons prepared them for the driving test. We identify areas of potential issue and provide fault correction when required.

Driving Down Driving Lesson Expenses

You don’t need to pay higher cost of driving lessons into the school that will never provide you a guarantee to pass the driving test. This will never happen in us. And considering if you had to take driving lessons in Brisbane, Australia you would pay a lot more.

We are aware that the world today is facing economical downturn. This is the reason why we provide quality services for affordable costs.

Unlike other schools, our rates are substantially lower. We are able to provide the Best Rates because we minimised our overhead by operating our business directly online.